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Site strategies for your business

Determining a location for your company's critical facilities is extremely significant. It will have a major impact on everything from employee satisfaction to your tax burden. Cox Group can help you analyze all the impacts of a location, from business operating costs to economic incentive packages to utility infrastructure. We leverage our experience and local market knowledge to supply you with a consolidated, straightforward analysis to ensure that your decisions are logical, defensible and financially sound.

Cox Group Associates offer expertise and decades of successful hands-on problem solving to support small and mid-size private firms in expansions, consolidations, relocations and acquisitions. Your specific business drivers and operational urgencies guide our approach. Our certified associates have established deep industry connections in the public sector and relationships with members of the economic development community, providing quick movement through the vased array of economic incentives. From close of escrow or lease execution to permitting and construction through move-in, we are committed to creating integrated, tailored solutions that provide maximum measurable outcomes.

Our Services Include:

  • Location and Business Climate Analysis: Skilled at gathering demographics and economic statistics, workforce/labor information, tax and infrastructure assessments, utility costs, transportation options.
  • Location Modeling: Expert customer and supplier maps, plans and analysis for transportation needs, relocation impact studies and human resource costs.
  • Economic Incentives Optimization: Extensive research on and negotiation of government and utility incentives and complete management of bid processes.
  • Project and Development Services: Skilled in municipal planning and zoning, environmental laws and permitting, bidding, and project management.
  • Strategic Consulting: Increase value and utilization by benchmarking policies, processes, costs, staffing models and strategies against industry standards.

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