Cox Residential Customer Comments

Sande Lewis probably knows more about the Cox Group and its services than anyone. She would because she has been a resident of Cox Residential Properties for seven years. After talking to Sande you realize why Cox Group has been such a respected name around Danville for years. Sande hails Dennis Cox as "the best at what he does. He is progressive and maintains his property to perfection." Every year Dennis updates his property and this year Sande is excited about the enclosure over her patio. She recalls that any problems with maintenance require only one call and Dennis gets back to her within two to three hours solving the problem. Sande has always felt safe and secure in her Cox townhouse. According to Sande, "Dennis treats all his residents well. He doesn't just treat us as tenants in rental property, but as residents in homes and he makes sure that we are all happy living there."

"You have been a TERRIFFIC Landlord."
Bryant Brown

I really appreciate everything and enjoyed living in the nicest apartments in Danville over the past year.
John D. Gossage

We really appreciate the commitment you show your tenants!!
Lisa and Scott Dilley

Dennis, Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate it.

You're the best!

Dennis, You have been an excellent landlord and rest assured I intend to refer your properties to friends.

Mr. Cox, Thank you so much for everything you hav done for us. We truly appreciate all of your help and support. If there is every anything we can do for you please let us know. We wish you and your family all the best!
Josh and Holly

Thanks Dennis. You're the best!
Mary H.

We have enjoyed staying in the townhouse. Thanks again!
George, Delaine and Tori

I have very much enjoyed my apartment, and don't want to leave the Danville area. Thanks for being such a good landlord!

Mr. Cox, I have enjoyed living here and have appreciated the excellent maintenance and services. I would be happy to refer people to the Cox Group in the future.

When I needed an apartment, Dennis was one of three people I called and his units were the last I looked at. I was impressed with the quality and cleanliness of the apartments (especially after seeing the others) and the professionalism and personal attention exhibited. For my money, it was obvious that Dennis was going to get my business. Once I moved in, he continued to be "services minded" and even stopped by to make sure everything was working as it should. When I would happen to meet him in town, he always ended our conversation by asking if there was anything that needed attention. I would doubt that any of the other apartment owners would have shown this consistent and earnest level of interest. I am more than glad to recommend Dennis and Cox Group Properties if you are in the market for a quality apartment.
Stuart Arnold

We have thoroughly enjoyed living here and appreciate the prompt attention that you (Dennis Cox) have given to the few problems that we have had.
Jim Tarver

We had apartments in Indiana, Georgia and other places in Kentucky, but none were as well-equipped, well-maintained and had as nice a group of tenants as the Bluegrass Pike townhouses. I especially appreciated the prompt manner in which you (Dennis Cox) and your maintenance staff responded to help with even small household tasks. We never made a request for anything that was refused or delayed.
Louise Hopkins

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