Site Planning

For your business

Determining a location for your company’s critical facilities is significant. It will have a major impact on everything from employee satisfaction to your tax burden. We can help you analyze all the impacts of a location, from business operating costs to economic incentive packages to utility infrastructure. We leverage our experience and local market knowledge to supply you with a consolidated, straightforward analysis to ensure that your decisions are logical, defensible and financially sound.

We offer in-depth expertise and decades of successful hands-on problem solving to support small and mid-size private firms in expansions, consolidations, relocations and acquisitions. Your specific business drivers and operational urgencies guide our approach.

Services include:

  • Location and Business Climate Analysis: Skilled at gathering demographics and economic statistics, workforce/labor information, tax and infrastructure assessments, utility costs, transportation options.
  • Location Modeling: Expert customer and supplier maps, plans and analysis for transportation needs, relocation impact studies and human resource costs.
  • Economic Incentives Optimization: Extensive research on and negotiation of government and utility incentives and complete management of bid processes.
  • Project and Development Services: Skilled in municipal planning and zoning, environmental laws and permitting, bidding, and project management.
  • Strategic Advisement: Increase value and utilization by benchmarking policies, processes, costs, staffing models and strategies against industry standards.